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février 14


07:00 pm - 08:00 pm

Event Category:

Ecumenical encounter, Meditation, Religion, Sharing


Chapel for Europe

Rue Van Maerlantstraat 22-24

Brussels, Belgium, 1040

The crypt can hold a maximum of 8 people.
This is because of Covid-19 safety measures in Brussels.
Therefore please inform us (both of us) if you plan to come so that we can comply with these measures.

Lars (lars.aggerbeck@gmail.com)
Frits (frits.smulders@icloud.com)

Under the umbrella of The World Community for Christian Meditation the Brussels Christian Meditation Group meets on a Monday evening to meditate in the Christian tradition, as rediscovered and revived by John Main OSB (1926-1982).

As a spiritual practice, meditation is common to all great religions and wisdom traditions. The essence of Christian meditation is silence, stillness and simplicity. Meditation is about being with God (the prayer of the heart, or attentional prayer) rather than talking to God or reflecting about Him (the prayer of the mind, or intentional prayer). In being with God we come to rest in Him and, slowly but surely, we experience the transformative power of meditation in our daily lives.

Interior silence means letting go of all thoughts, ideas and images. They are still present, but we put them aside during the time of our meditation. The use of a prayer word, or mantra, which we repeat interiorly while we meditate helps us to let go of distractions.

Stillness means letting go of desire.

Simplicity means letting go of all self-analysis, self-reflection and self-consciousness during the time of meditation.

In Christian meditation we undertake the journey from the head to the heart, and as we do so we return to our true selves, where we find both peace and joy in God. Meditation as a daily practice to which we commit ourselves will make us see more clearly the purpose of life, which is to respond fully to the gift of our being rather than resigning to triviality, possessiveness and egoism.

You are welcome to join us on Monday evenings at 7 p.m. in the crypt of the Chapel. The meditation evening normally lasts about an hour, including 25 minutes of meditation proper. Once a month we also gather upstairs in the Chapel after meditation for refreshments and fellowship. This gives us the opportunity to exchange experiences about the spiritual journey we have begun by starting to meditate. You are obviously free to participate in this or leave straight after the meditation session.

Please contact Frits Smulders at frits.smulders@icloud.com or Lars Aggerbeck at lars.aggerbeck@gmail.com if you have any questions or if you plan to come for the first time (evenings may occasionally be canceled at short notice due to unforeseen circumstances).