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In this series of three talks, Nikolaas Sintobin sj will introduce you to the very heart of Ignatian spirituality: joy as a compass to find God in your daily life. In “Ignatian language” this means how the discernment of the spirits, of which Ignatius of Loyola is by far the best-known expert ever, can show you the way to a joyful and meaningful life.
In this second  Workshop, recorded on 02 December 2020,  we had a look at:
The intriguing Jesuit directive of “agere contra »
Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, often mentions the principle of agere contra. This is a Latin expression that asks to do the opposite of what one would do spontaneously. In all kind of situations, experiences and moods Ignatius give indeed precise hints of how to act or react to be able to achieve joy. It is amazing that a lot of those indications point in the opposite direction of what our intuition would suggest.
You can watch the recording of this 2nd encounter on our YouTube channel
If you want to take a look at the presentation of this workshop, you can find it HERE