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We would like introduce our series of spiritual workshops online.
Its aim is to offer a spiritual reflection on the skills needed in everyday life: both professional and personal.
The art of discernment belongs to the most important skills. That’s why we propose the “8 Steps Workshop on How to Make Good Decisions”, inspired by the Ignatian spirituality.
It features short videos with Fr Michael Paul Gallagher sj and reflections considering some aspects of the discernment: Dreams – Talents – Feelings – Trust – Advice – Alternatives – Decision – Commitment.

Fr Michael was an Irish Jesuit and renowned lecturer and author of several books on faith and the contemporary culture.

Watch a video, read a text, reflect and pray about 30 min.
Focus on the points or questions which are appealing to you. Take notes. Revise if needed. And apply in your everyday life.

Find the links to every day reflection: