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In the Old Testament, the Passover is the feast of deliverance. The remembrance of passing over, from the land of slavery to the land of freedom. Jesus Christ confirms this transition and gives it a new perspective  – that of the Resurrection.  After the Resurrection nothing is as it was before.

We are going through the difficult times of the pandemic crisis. After this crisis, neither the Church nor society will be as they were before. And I believe that there is a new perspective and the Easter hope to be rediscovered in this time of confinement.

I rediscover my own fragility and insufficiency and the fact that the best things in life, I receive from others. I rediscover that a lot of things I often take for granted are actually a gift (home, job, friends around…). Communicating from home, I rediscover the closeness to others, stronger than I thought, despite the physical distance. Going on Easter walks through the deserted streets of my neighbourhood I rediscover the Spring beauty of God’s creation and the necessity of the ecological conversion of my lifestyle.

I admire the generosity of people.Their generosity is for me the first sign ofthe Resurrection in everyday life.

I feel blessed. And this challenges me, even more than the words of the Gospel, to go beyond my sometimes petty perspectives and to be a blessing for others.

Speaking about the Gospel… the photo I have chosen comes from one of my Caminos de Santiago I walk when I only have time and possibilities. That’s why one of my favourite Easter texts is the story of the disciples on the way to Emmaus. A way of liberation. A way of hope. A new perspective. Adventure.

By the way, which of the Easter Bible stories is your favourite?
F Krystian Sowa sj, Easter 2020
Director of the Chapel for Europe