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HOPE Network ( Homes Of Presence and Encounter)

A network of persons, communities and associations wishing to promote a culture of dialogue and to direct their spiritual life and their transforming action in society towards an in-depth encounter with the other and thus build together reconciliation, peace and conviviality.


We think that pluralism in our multicultural and multiconvictional societies invites us to a spiritual evolution in order to live in harmony  with each other.

We believe that there is an underlying Unity to that diversity which everyone can discover while deepening her/his own humanity.

We feel that education can contribute to this discovery and bring about a growth and transformation of individuals and communities.

We are convinced that all together we can contribute to a reconciled and fraternal humanity that promotes living together and peace- thus facing contemporary challenges.

We want to concretize this vision through networking and common actions, which materialize our quest for the One, the True, the Beautiful and the Good- four dimensions of the meaning of human existence -in order to build an interfaith community.


We wish to form a network of persons,communities, associations, institutions …

We commit to promoting a culture of dialogue,to orienting our spiritual life and our transformative action in society towards the in-depth encounter with the other in order to build together reconciliation,peace andliving together.

We develop an approach based on four fundamentals:

 The One – spirituality: Promoting inner life

 The True – formation:Educating for an interfaith world

 The Beautiful – art: Evoking Mystery through art and music

 The Good – social engagement Caring for the youngand for fragile people in our environment

Contact us at : hopenetworkbxl@gmail.com

Visit our FB page  : HOPE Network