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juin 22


09:00 am - 08:30 pm


Chapel for Europe

rue Van Maerlant 22-24

Brussels, Belgium, 1040

REGISTRATION REQUIRED following this link:

Our almost traditional BIKE pilgrimage is back on track!

Join us for a fun, adventorous, full of new discoveries and experiences LamBIKE pilgrimage on Saturday, 22nd of June!

Such sights as renovated Halle Basilica, Mass at Notre Dame de la Justice monastery in Rhode-St-Genese where we’ll also taste sisters’ home made soup and dessert (!), Lambiek brewery museum with the possibility of beer tasting and much much more! All included in only approximately 40km/12h! Great deal, isn’t it? 😉

Don’t miss your last chance to get fit spiritually & physically before your summer holidays!!! 😉

09:00 Meeting at Gare Central
09:20 Taking Train to Halle
09:40 Renting bikes at Halle railway station

10:15 We visit the Basilica at Halle

10:30 Starting the trip

12:15 Getting to the Rhode St Genese (after 20 km)

12:30 Mass followed by the lunch in the Spritual Centrum

15:00 at the latest: restart

15:30 arriving to the Visitors Centrum (after 10km) Visiting Lambic Museum, Beer tasting

17:30 at the latest: restart

19:00 arriving to Halle (after 17km) coffee at the town hall or other nice place

20:00 taking train to Brussels

20:30 back in Brussels

TOTAL PRICE : 37,5€ includes the following :

Train tickets: 4,80€ round trip

Bike rental: 21,7€ ( calculated for 15 persons, price may vary)

Lunch at Spiritual Centrum : 9€ ( includes soup, cofee/tea and dessert)

Lambike Museum entrance and beer tasting : 2€