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janvier 29


04:30 pm - 06:30 pm

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European Parliament

Room JAN 6Q1

Within the framework of the World International Harmony Week.

MEETING AT 16:00 at the place shown in this MAP
Room JAN6Q1 of the European Parliament.


The movie is a 2008 documentary film that focuses on exciting movement of Spiritual Activism around the planed.
Spiritual Activism focuses on spirituality for social change, spirituality that recognizes the many differences among us yet insists on our commonalities and uses these commonalities as catalysts for transformation.
The film explores the stories of people who unite in their lives a spirituality and action, in order to cope with personal and global crises, believing that « another world » is possible.

The film will be followed by a short panel discussion concerning the role of the spirituality / religion in the public space, with a participation of representatives of several faith traditions members of the interreligious HOPE Network (Homes Of Prayer and Encounter), recently created in Brussels.


16:30 – 16:40 Welcome
György Hölvényi MEP and Jan Olbrycht MEP, Co-Chairman of the Working Group on Intercultural Activities and Religious Dialogue
Rozemarijn Vanwijnsberghe – InTouch – HOPE NETWORK

16:40 – 18:10 Film screening

18:10 – 18:30 Discussion

Moderated by: Rozemarijn Vanwijnsberghe – InTouch – HOPE NETWORK

In the presence of:
M.Denis Leblond – Union Bouddhique Belge – HOPE NETWORK
Avi Tawil – Director at European Jewish Community Centre – HOPE NETWORK
Yassir Bougatba – Just One – HOPE NETWORK
Krystian Sowa – Director at Chapel for Europe – HOPE NETWORK

The event is organized in collaboration with the HOPE Network and hosted by the EPP Interreligious Dialogue Group of the European Parliament