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juin 27


12:30 - 01:30


Chapel for Europe

rue Van Maerlant 22-24

Brussels, Belgium, 1040

The Holy Spirit comes to transform and renew, and through the Spirit we are taught how to be more kind. How can you learn to express kindness in your life and work? Come and find out! PLEASE NOTE OUR NEW START TIME OF 12:30.

Come and pray. Silence. Sung psalms. Ancient chants. Emotive praise. Poetry. Contemplation. There are many ways to pray.

Across the various Christian traditions, people have practised and developed a multitude of avenues into prayer. In this portrait of Christianity, every one can find a place and get learn to experience the presence of God in different ways.

Come and sit in silence. Come and sing contemporary praises. Come and sing ancient hymns. Come and imagine your place in the story of the Scriptures. Come and pray in the different ways that Christians have over the millennia.

As always, after the Ecumenical Prayer, there be lunch at the Chapel to which you are warmly invited.